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About US

We are just normal people who chose to take an abnormal turn as we headed into our retirement years. Chris and I have been together for a long time. We met as kids, took up each other’s hands and faced the world together. We learned to be adults and parents together( not necessarily in that order). We have two children and they in turn have created 4 grandkids( who we are ridiculously silly over).

We become vegetarians 20 years ago, there was a shift in our lives and we needed to give up some bad habits and reassess a few values.  My dear husband gave up alcohol, I stopped smoking and we both chose to stop consuming meat. Neither of us were comfortable with animals experiencing any sensation of discomfort or alarm on our behalf so decided to stop adding to the problem.

Our decision to retire on a farm was driven by the need to have a better barn and pastures for our flock of pet sheep. I wanted a large vegetable and flower garden, chickens for eggs, and  most importantly space to breath. We found our farm, it ‘s a little rough around the edges and needs a significant amount of work that will keep us very busy for a few years.  But, it has  a great barn ,sound outbuildings, safe perimeter fences and good soil. Best of all, it has a view that overlooks Shuswap Lake and Salmon Arm that is just outstanding. We are tucked in between Tappen Mountain, and Mount Bastion, there are a minimum of 3 separate valleys feeding down into the Shuswap so the scenery is incredible and  the weather constantly changing.

We are learning to be farmers together, sometimes interesting and sometimes not, sometimes just a lot of really hard work and head scratching. I would like to toss in expressions like ” totally self sufficient ” or ” sustainable” however I really just want to minimize trips into the grocery store. We have had 1 year on the farm thus far. We have increased the flock size to 30 sheep. There are 16 new chickens and 3 new horses.  Chris is holding it down and keeping it safe while I head for my retirement date in May 2017.( at this time I am working on the coast , sadly only on the farm 1/2 time) Most of the major farm work is on hold until next spring when I can be a full time farmer too!  (61 shifts and counting down). Please join us on the “blog”, watch progress as we develop our farm and flocks.